About Landlords and Tenants Rights Initiative


Mission Statement

To enlighten Landlords and Tenants on thier respective legal rights and obligations and to empower them to resolve their disputes through amicable dispute resolutions (DR) processes.

Initiate An ADR Process

Founder of this Initiative


Landlords and Tenants Rights Initiative is the brainchild of Nigerian Attorney, Mr. Valentino Buoro. He conceptualized and incorporated this organization shortly after the completion of a mediation skills training which he undertook.

According to him his new knowledge had sufficiently exposed him to the fact that landlords and tenants needed not waste a number of years seeking judicial pronouncement over issues that can be conveniently resolved at the table under the guidance of a skilled and certified mediator.

He was further convinced that this objective can be seamlessly achieved with the assistance of lawyers and other relevant professionals who train as specialist mediation advocates. It is for these reasons that the Landlords and Tenants Rights Initiative draws heavily on the support of Mediation Advocates and other Volunteers who give of their time and resources to make the world a better place.

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